Algeria: update on Christian in blasphemy case

On 5th and 8th August Middle East Concern sent out prayer requests from Algeria for Slimane Bouhafs (49), a Christian man who has been given a heavy fine and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment – the maximum punishment for blasphemy against Islam and its...
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Sudan: update on detained church leaders

Christians in Sudan have requested further prayers for four church leaders detained by the Sudanese authorities. The trial of the four Christians has now begun, and the second court hearing was held on Monday 22nd August. As expected, the four have been charged with... read more

Algeria: update on Christian in blasphemy case

On 5th August Middle East Concern distributed a prayer request for a Christian man in Algeria arrested on 31st July and accused of blasphemy against Islam. Slimane Bouhafs (49) had published a message on social media about the light of Jesus overcoming the lie of... read more

Algeria: Christian in blasphemy case

Christians in Algeria request prayer for a believer from a Muslim background who is due to appear before a judge on charges connected with blasphemy against Islam. This brother comes from the Kabylie area (from the province of Sétif, 300km east of Algiers), is 49... read more