Algeria: update on Christians imprisoned for blasphemy

On 8th January a court of appeal in Bouira (100km east of Algiers) in the Kabylie region upheld a conviction for blasphemy against a Christian man and sentenced him to one year’s imprisonment. Samir Chamek (34) has been a Christian since 2005 and comes from a Muslim...
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Sudan: update on imprisoned Christians

Christians in Sudan request further prayer for three Christians on trial, and for the Bahri Evangelical Church in Khartoum North. At a hearing for the three Christians on Monday, the court heard two defence witnesses give testimony confirming that defendant Abdulmonem... read more

Iran: update on Christians in Rasht

Iranian Christians request further prayer for Christian converts in Rasht facing various charges. These converts have also reportedly been threatened by Revolutionary Guards, a branch of the Iranian armed forces effectively under the direct control of the Supreme... read more

Sudan: update on imprisoned Christians

Christians in Sudan are thankful that Rev. Kuwa Shamal Abazmam Kurri (pictured left), the head of the mission office of the Sudan Church of Christ, was released from prison on Monday 2nd January 2017. He is one of four men detained since December 2015 in Khartoum who... read more