Turkey: day of prayer called for 18th April

Protestant church leaders in Turkey have called for a day of prayer for Turkey tomorrow (18th April). While this date has been designated as a global day of prayer for Turkey since 2009, tomorrow’s day of prayer comes at a time of huge significance for Turkey.... read more

Egypt: bomb attacks on two churches

Christians in Egypt request prayer after two churches in Northern Egypt suffered bomb attacks during Palm Sunday services on 9th April. The first bomb exploded inside Mar Girgis (St George’s) Coptic Orthodox church in Tanta, in Gharbiya governorate in the Nile... read more

Iran: court hearing for Christians

Iranian Christians request prayer for the forthcoming court hearing for Pastor Victor Bet Tamraz, his son Ramiel (pictured) and other Christians arrested at a picnic in Firuzkuh in August 2016. On 26th December 2014 security officials raided the house of Pastor Victor... read more

Turkey: expropriation of Armenian church halted

Christians in Turkey are thankful that the Turkish Council of State has reportedly halted the confiscation of Surp Giragos, the largest Armenian church in the Middle East. Surp Giragos (along with the properties of the Protestant Church, Surp Sarkis Chaldean Church,... read more

Sudan: fatal stabbing of church elder

Christians in Sudan request prayer against ongoing attempts to seize church property, which led to the fatal stabbing of a church elder on 3rd April. Against the wishes of the church denomination, the government has imposed an illegal committee on the Sudan... read more

Iran: updates on three cases

Iranian Christians request prayer for three ongoing cases involving Christians in which there have been recent developments. EBRAHIM FIROUZI: Ebrahim Firouzi’s mother has undergone surgery for cancer and is weak and unable to care for herself. She is having... read more

MEC publishes 2016 Annual Report

Middle East Concern (MEC) was established in 1991 to defend the religious freedom of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. Since that time MEC has published Annual Reports only for MEC member organisations and member individuals. However, for the first time... read more

Iran: Christian mother and son arrested in Urmia

On 20th February two Christian converts were arrested in Urmia (pictured), the capital of West Azerbaijan province in Iran. The home of Anousheh Reza-bakhsh (known as Veronika) and her son Soheil Zagarzadeh Sani (known as Augustine) was raided by Revolutionary Guard... read more

Sudan: Christian pardoned, two still imprisoned

Petr Jasek, one of the Christians who received lengthy prison sentences in Sudan on 29th January, has been given a presidential pardon and left Sudan on 26th February. The court had sentenced Mr Jasek to life in prison for espionage, to six months in prison for... read more

Egypt: four Christians killed, threatening video published

Christians in Egypt request prayer after the killing of four Christians in the last three weeks, and after the publication on 19th February of a video calling for further killings. Wa’el Youssef was shot dead by militants in front of his wife and son in his shop... read more

Turkey: court blocks deportation order for Christian worker

Christians in Turkey are delighted that the deportation order and entry ban against Christian worker David Byle have been blocked by Turkey’s Constitutional Court. David, with dual US and Canadian citizenship, has been resident in Turkey for 17 years but has faced... read more