Turkey: Date set for Andrew Brunson court hearing

Christians in Turkey request continued prayer for pastor Andrew Brunson, who is scheduled to appear in court on 16 April 2018. Andrew was indicted in a 62-page document submitted by the public prosecutor on 13 March charging Andrew with being linked to both the... read more

Iraq: Christians concerned after spate of deadly violence

Christians in Iraq request prayer following a spate of violence in Baghdad in recent weeks in which Christians and Mandeans were attacked, leaving five dead. On 25 February, gunmen shot 28-year-old Samir Salah-Addin Younis, a Christian father of two. On 10 March, four... read more

Iran: Update on appeal hearing for Christians in Shiraz

Iranian Christians are thankful for prayer for the 8 March appeal hearing for Eskandar Rezaie and Suroush Saraie. It was reported that the hearing went well, lasting nearly two hours, and that Eskander and Suroush were given the opportunity to respond to all the... read more

Iran: appeal hearing for Christian converts in Shiraz

Iranian Christians request renewed prayer for the 8 March appeal hearing for Eskandar Rezaie and Suroush Saraie. Both were sentenced on 28 December 2017 to a total of eight years in prison. Both Eskander and Suroush were charged with “acting against national... read more

Israel: upcoming hearing for Bible Society

The Bible Society in Israel requests prayer for the next hearing in the court case regarding their bookshop in Tel Aviv. The hearing, which will hopefully be the last, is scheduled for 5 March. The Bible Bookshop and distribution centre in Tel Aviv has been in the... read more

Turkey: state interference in election of Armenian Patriarch

Christians in Turkey request prayer for the Armenian Apostolic Church in Turkey following the state’s interference in the election of a new patriarch. As one of Turkey’s officially recognised churches, the Armenian Apostolic Church of Constantinople is subject... read more

Iran: Christians recently imprisoned in Tehran and Tabriz

Iranian Christians request prayer for two more Christian converts in prison: Naser Navard-Goltapeh and Ali Amini. Naser was arrested, along with three Azerbaijani Christians, at a wedding party in June 2016. The Azerbaijanis were released on bail in November 2016 and... read more

Iran: Two more Christians held in Evin Prison, Tehran

Two more Christians held in Evin Prison, Tehran. Iranian Christians request prayer for two Christian converts who have been held in Evin Prison since their arrest on 17th November 2017. Majidreza Souzanchi Kushani and Fatimeh Mohammadi were members of a house church... read more

Sudan: Church demolished after Sunday worship service

Christians in Sudan have asked for prayer after the demolition of a church building. On the 11 February 2018, just a few hours after the church service, police trucks arrived at the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Hajj Yousef, close to Khartoum. The police... read more

Sudan: Christians fined for protesting church confiscation

Christians in Sudan ask for prayers after Church leaders were fined in a long-running campaign to seize properties from the Church. On 5 February 2018, a court fined six Christians 2,500 Sudanese Pounds (US$135) each. In addition, a church elder, Youhanna Tia, was... read more

Iran: update on Christians appealing severe sentences

Iranian Christians request continued prayer for three Christians appealing sentences. A court hearing was scheduled for Sunday 4 February to review the sentences against Assyrian pastor Victor Bet Tamraz and Christian converts, Amin Nader Afshari and Hadi Asgari.... read more