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MEC Leaflet

The leaflet describes how MEC defends the religious freedom of Christians by:

  • assisting victims of persecution
  • challenging unjust laws, policies and attitudes
  • equipping Christians to face persecution

The leaflet also gives details on how you can help MEC, and includes endorsements for MEC from:

  • a Christian leader in the Middle East
  • a Middle Eastern Christian forced to flee
  • Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors
  • a Christian leader in Sudan
  • Lord Alton of Liverpool (House of Lords, UK)
  • the wife of an imprisoned Middle Eastern Christian

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The Christian and Persecution

A ten-module course developed by MEC in 2014 for an Arabic-language online theological training platform, as part of an initiative of the Middle East Association for Theological Education.

Available in Arabic and English language editions, together with a course overview.

Contributors include:

  • Ed Brown
  • Marwan Qandah
  • Drs W. R. Vos
  • MEC staff

The ten module titles are as follows:

  1. Religious Persecution: Historical and Global Perspectives
  2. Theological Perspectives on Persecution
  3. Biblical Responses to Persecution
  4. Biblical Principles for Standing Strong
  5. Theological Approaches to Human Rights
  6. Religious Freedom in International and National Law
  7. Advocating for the Rights of the Persecuted
  8. Pastoring and Ministering to the Persecuted
  9. Caring and Coping through Stress
  10. Learning from Those Who Have Endured

Download the course in Arabic (11.9mb Zip)

Download the course in English (7.4mb Zip)

MEC Annual Report 2016

A 31-page report on MEC’s activities in 2016, including:

  • an overview of the Middle East and North Africa region – and how the regional situation affected Christian communities
  • analysis of trends – in countries, in themes and in numbers
  • assessment of MEC’s impact
  • details of MEC staff, travel and finances
  • sections on how MEC: assisted victims of persecution; challenged unjust laws, policies and attitudes; built support networks; and equipped Christians to face persecution

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