Palestine: Court hearing due for St Mary’s Coptic Convent

In the last two years, MEC has issued several prayer requests for two nuns in St Mary’s Coptic Church and Convent in Bethlehem regarding three separate court cases. The nuns request prayer for a court hearing scheduled for 25 March. The court cases relate to...
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Introducing MEC

Iran: Seven converts in Rasht released on bail

Iranian Christians are thankful that seven members of the “Church of Iran” who were recently arrested have been allowed release on bail. Hossein Kadivar was the first to be released on Saturday 16 March. On Sunday and Monday, Babak Hosseinzadeh, Behnam Akhlaghi, Kamal... read more

Iran: Three more converts arrested in Rasht

Iranian Christians request prayer for three more members of the “Church of Iran” who were arrested in Rasht on 23 February. Officials from the Revolutionary Guards (known as “Sepah”) raided two house churches in Rasht Saturday evening and arrested Babak Hosseinzadeh... read more

Iran: three more converts detained in Rasht

Iranian Christians request prayer for six members of the “Church of Iran” – a denomination with an unconventional understanding of the Trinity – after three more converts were recently detained. Iranian security forces arrested Kamal Naamanian, Mohammed Vafada... read more