Iran: Second Christian convert given 80 lashes

Iranian Christians request prayer for Saheb, given 80 lashes for drinking the wine as part of Holy Communion. Zaman Fadaei – known as Saheb – was arrested in Rasht in May 2016, along with his pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, Nadarkhani’s wife Fatemeh (Tina)...
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Introducing MEC

Somaliland: Christian couple released and deported

On 1 November the Somaliland Regional Court ordered the deportation of a married couple, Somali converts from Islam to Christianity, to Somalia. They had been arrested in September, considered to be “apostates and evangelists spreading Christianity.” On 5 November... read more

Algeria: Prayer requested for closed churches

Christians in Algeria request prayer that the government will cease discrimination in the reopening places of worship closed due to COVID19. All worship and entertainment places have been closed since mid March. In early August, it was decided to reopen places of... read more

Algeria: Call for prayer regarding church closures

The EPA (“Eglise Protestante d’Algérie” – the Protestant Church of Algeria) has called for prayer with this message as the church commemorates a sad anniversary: Thursday, October 15, 2020, it will be one year since the crisis of arbitrary... read more