Algeria: Pastor faces prison term

Algerian Christians request prayer for Pastor Rachid Seighir of a church in Oran, and a salesman who assists him in a book and stationery shop the pastor manages. Both were convicted in absentia on 27 February of “proselytising,” sentenced to two years in prison and... read more

Iran: Ebrahim Firouzi released on bail

Iranian Christians request prayer for convert Ebrahim Firouzi, who has been conditionally released after 19 days in detention. On 8 February Ebrahim (34) appeared in court to respond to allegations of “propaganda against the Islamic Republic in favour of hostile... read more

Turkey: Court hearing for Pastor Michael

Prayer was requested for Pastor Michael Feulner of Yalova Lighthouse Church for a court hearing today contesting a security designation that would effectively ban him from the country. On 11 February Michael and his lawyer attended the hearing at the administrative... read more

Somaliland: Christians arrested for spreading Christianity

On 21 January, police in Hargeisa, Somaliland arrested Mohamed and Hamdi and their new born baby. The same day an Ethiopian woman, Aster, was taken into custody. Police searched Mohammed and Hamdi’s house the following day. Besides confiscating material belonging to... read more

Iran: Ebrahim Firouzi imprisoned after exposing harassment

Iranian Christians request prayer for  convert Ebrahim Firouzi who has been arrested after publicizing continual harassment from Iranian intelligence (MOIS). On 6 February Ebrahim released a series of six videos detailing harassment by MOIS including an informant... read more

Turkey: Upcoming hearing for pastor facing deportation

Pastor Michael Feulner of Yalova Lighthouse Church requests prayer for an upcoming court hearing contesting a security designation that would effectively ban him from the country. Michael, a German citizen, came to Turkey as a relief worker following the 1999... read more

Algeria: Christian Convicted of Blasphemy

Algerian Christians request prayer for a believer from a Muslim background convicted of blasphemy. On 21 January a court in Erzwe – Oran, sentenced him to five-years imprisonment. The Christian (43) is married with four children (ages 6, 4, 3 years and... read more

Iran: Christian converts interrogated and pressured

Iranian Christians request prayer as many Christian converts are being summoned to intelligence offices and put under pressure to abstain from Christian fellowship. Since the end of January, Iranian intelligence officials in Karaj have summoned about a dozen Christian... read more

Iran: Prison sentences against Christian converts upheld

Iranian Christians request prayer after the one-year prison sentences of three Christian converts were upheld on appeal. Brothers Sam and Sasan Khosravi, their wives Maryam and Marjan Falahi, Habib Heydari, Pooriya Peyma and his wife Fatemeh Talebi were arrested in... read more

North Cyprus: Expatriate Christian targeted in media

Prayer is requested after the home and business of an expatriate Christian in North Cyprus were searched, Bibles and other Christian materials confiscated, and he and another expatriate defamed in the national press. On 27 January, on the pretext of investigating a... read more

Israel: Church arson leads to call for mutual respect

Christians in Israel request prayer following a recent arson attempt at the Basilica of All Nations in Gethsemane, Jerusalem. On 4 December, a Jewish extremist entered the church, poured gasoline on the pews and ground, and set it alight. Church guards were quick to... read more