Iran: Christian convert released from Evin Prison

On 13 February MEC requested prayer for Simin Soheili and Yaser, Christian converts being held in Evin Prison, Tehran since 30 January 2019. We are glad to report that Simin was released on 14 February, but the conditions of her release are not known.   On 30... read more

Iran: Appeal hearing for Shamiram Isavi Khabizeh

Iranian Christians have requested prayer for an appeal hearing, to be held tomorrow (19 February), in the case of Assyrian Christian Shamiram Isavi Khabizeh. On 6 January 2018, Shamiram was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment by Judge Ahmadzadeh of Tehran... read more

Iran: further arrests of Christian converts

Iranian Christians request prayer for two converts who were recently arrested and detained. Human Rights group Article 18 reports that on 23 January, Sina Moloudian (26), was arrested in Esfahan and then on 25 January Ismaeil Maghrebinejad (64) was arrested in Shiraz.... read more

Iran: arrests of five female Christian converts

Iranian Christians request prayer following the arrests of five female converts from Islam to Christianity. These include Roksari Kanbari, a 65-year old  who was arrested and detained in Karaj, and forced to endure ten days of intensive interrogation. Early one... read more

Algeria: Authorities shut down church again

Christians in Algeria request prayer for a congregation in the Kayblie region, which faces ongoing pressure from the authorities. After officials sealed the church building in October 2018, the congregation continued to meet for worship in a tent erected in the church... read more

Iran: Annual Report on Rights Violations Released

Middle East Concern, in collaboration with Open Doors International, Article 18 and CSW has released the 2018 report on violations of the rights of Christians in Iran. During 2018, the Iranian Christian community, along with other religious minorities, continued to... read more

Iraq: Christians facing intimidation

Christians in Iraq request prayer following two shooting incidents outside churches in the villages of Bartella and Qaraqosh, in the first week of December 2018. On 1 December, several cars parked in front of the Syrian Catholic “St George” church in Bartella. They... read more

Algeria: Update on Christians acquitted of charges

Christians in Algeria ask for prayer for five Christians recently acquitted of proselytism and blasphemy charges. On 26 December 2018, MEC reported that four Christians from Muslim backgrounds, including three from the same family, were acquitted of proselytism... read more

Algeria: Christians acquitted on all charges

At the end of November MEC requested prayer for four Christians, including three from the same family, who were to appear in court on 25 December in Province of Bouira, in the Kabylie region. At that court hearing, all charges against the Christian defendants were... read more